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ITC Conduit Font

ITC Conduit is a font with a unique functionality and visual allure blend. Its subtle geometry, balanced proportions, and contemporary spirit make it ideal for designers seeking timeless charm. Whether it’s a logo identity system, a digital media interface, or an arresting magazine spread, ITC Conduit is a multi-face design tool that can adapt and perform beautifully in various design settings.

Its legibility and visual interest combination ensures font readability across Print and Digital mediums. At the same time, it benefits from distinctive design elements that make it look elegant and intelligent. This aesthetic and pure functionality are the core elements that make this typeface unique and give it this value for designers.

History of ITC Conduit

ITC, a leading typeface corporation in the late 1980s, commissioned acclaimed designers to create modern and versatile typefaces. The authors, influenced by the clear, geometric style of the Bauhaus movement and the simplicity of Swiss design for typography functionality, decided to design a typeface that embodies modern letters.

Every turned glyph was building up whether the form is solid and charming at the same time. Its minimalist forms fill spaces, making it current and multifunctional in fast-developing environments.

Over time, the font family encompassed several iterations revealing a varied assortment of fonts featuring greater appeal and flexibility. The inclusion of wide weights, multiple styles, and several language support widen the possibility for designers to explore the whole potential of the ITC Conduit typeface, unlocking a world of new creative apps that make the font a most preferred job for a variety of project designs.


One of the most prominent features of ITC Conduit is its geometric and elegant facet. This font’s design is best described by a harmonious combination of straight lines, mild curve lines, and sophisticated negative spaces that make it neutral and readable. The geometric characteristics of this typeface give it a modern and precise look, perfect for classy projects.

Its geometrical shapes are legible and readable. The designers crafted each character with particular attention to clarity and legibility, even at small sizes or in low contrast. The high x-height, clear ascenders and descenders, and close spacing make the font legible.

Versatility is a crucial component of ITC Conduit, driven by its technical competence. The font is engineered to look perfect in any situation, from print to digital, and across languages. These capabilities achieve such flexibility: OpenType advanced features, complete language support, and wide character set that provides a great deal of ligature, alternation, and contextual variations.

Its Wittily and sophisticated looks, combined with its technical capability, make it a cool, versatile typeface suitable for modern design. Whether used for billboards or body text, this type always gives a cohesive and visually beautiful result.

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What is ITC Conduit Font?

ITC Conduit Font is a typeface of Mark van Bronkhorst and traded by the International Typeface Corporation (ITC) from 1997. It is a sans-serif font with a geometric design and rounded corners.

What are the distinguishing features or how unique does the ITC Conduit Font look?

The ITC Conduit Font has variety because it comes in a range of weights and styles, including regular, bold, condensed, and extra condensed. Furthermore, the character set of Unicode corpus is very wide and includes upper and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation and some symbols or special characters.

What are some common uses for ITC Conduit Font?

ITC Conduit is a widely applied font in different design tasks, such as branding, advertisement, packaging, and editorial design. Additionally, it is widely used in digital media, including web pages and mobile applications.

Is ITC Conduit Font easy to read?

The ITC Conduit Font was deliberately made very clear, so people can read it clearly even when the size is small. The design of this typeface is so sober, it’s simplicity and rounded corners make it legible on the screen and in print.

Can I use ITC Conduit Font for commercial projects?

The developers have released this font for commercial use. Therefore, you must buy a license from any of the authorized distributors of the International Typeface Corporation.

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