ITC Clearface Font ITC Clearface Font

ITC Clearface Font

ITC Clearface is a serif font with a highly professional legacy. Morris Fuller Benton created it in 1907 because the American Type Founders wanted the industry to become more innovative and modern. By combining classics and modernism in its design, this font will suit various projects.


ITC Clearface’s main feature lies in its consistent design, which accurately measures capitals and minuscules. These designers were diligent enough to devise a unique font that combines the best features of contemporary and vintage styles.

Besides, it supports small size and medium resolution. The typeface, which was explicitly designed to be legible and attractive by using a polite, serif font and inter-letter spacing, makes it suitable for various tasks.

Ascetics such as kerning and letter spacing in ITC Clearface make this font easy to read. Regarding the readability of characters and the introduction of visual aesthetics, the designers were able to do this by maintaining true kerning (the spaces between characters) to make text readable and balancing visuals and rhythm.

ITC Clearface Font Characteristics

The ITC Clearface is the main font, and the fact that it is unique through its attributes and level of detail is its standout feature. The one-of-a-kind feature here is the uniformity between the x-height and the rounded serifs. It results in a harmony that makes it a comfortable and relaxed place. The italics of ITC Clearface with the appealing crooked crossbars and the lively slant impart a spirit of creativity and expression to the text.

Usage of ITC Clearface Font.

ITC Clearface is adaptable and equally applicable to other options besides DIY products. It determines the branding, advertising, copy editing and content production. It gives a brand an awesome look that is unique from others. Hence, it suits such projects very well, as the organizers try to depict the traditional atmosphere along with the newest trends.

In print it is font, size and line spacing that make it look readable and balanced. Designers should be careful about typeface selection; ITC Clearface is good enough to show elegance without losing seriousness.

It is worth noting that the clearness of ITC Clearface makes it perfect for all websites, e-books and online publications like this one. Textiles not only contribute to aesthetics and legibility but also provide a designer with additional tools for design.

ITC Clearface Font Free Download

What’s Included

  • ITC Clearface Regular
  • ITC Clearface Italic
  • ITC Clearface Bold
  • ITC Clearface Bold Italic
  • ITC Clearface Black
  • ITC Clearface Black Italic
  • ITC Clearface Heavy
  • ITC Clearface Heavy Italic

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