Cervo Neue Font Cervo Neue Font

Cervo Neue Font

Cervo Neue Font is an enhanced and expanded adaptation of the beloved Cervo font, featuring new attributes and improvements. Cervo Neue is a close relative of a classic design while still moving typography in a new direction.

History of Cervo Neue

Cervo Neue derives from the aesthetic philosophy of the Polish mid-century design. Its concept represented by the renowned magazine You And Me Monthly (Jedynka I Tylko) addressed to Polish audience for thirteen years (1960 to 1973) under the management of National magazine publisher RSW Prasa in Poland. With this cultural heritage, Cervo Neue is born, overlapping all letters with nostalgia and modernity.

Features of Cervo Neue

Cervo Neue consists of sixteen flexible styles in one family. Each variant is designed with a particular emphasis on detail to meet contemporary design needs. Unlike its predecessor, Cervo Neue features heightened accents over glyphs, enlarged punctuation marks, classic old-style numerals, and the exciting addition of four new weights: Semi Bold, Bold, Extra Bold and Black. In addition, a new grotesque emerges and expands the opportunities of creativity in regard to a unique typeface that makes graphic designers inclined towards the new directions it brings.


Cervo Neue has clear and objective design that makes perfect balance between activity and legibility, giving designers freedom. In all its forms, it is marked by a timeless elegance which is still adaptable and can be applied in different areas. The simplicity and elegance of Cervo Neue will make any project, regardless of its form – be it a print publication, digital interface or branding material, visually more effective and assure the designers that their creative ideas are just coming true.

Cervo Neue is a superb celebration of the typography and design tradition and an embodiment of timeless design virtues. The synthesis of tradition and innovation which the Helvetica is a part of makes it attractive for the modern typeface which allows the designers to use new aspects as well as to break the limits of creative expression.

Hence, Cervo Neue Font is a perfect mixture of classical and modern so that designers can implement their ideas with grace and correctness. Cervo Neue continues to attract and fascinate viewers with its history, elegance, and old-school feel, setting itself a valuable example in the world of typography and design.

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