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Eina Font

Eina Typeface was born to be corporate font of the prestigious design institution “EINA, University Centre of Design and Art,” it is not just a font but an educational philosophy in letterforms. Eina, beside being a typographical tool, is a medium for teaching typography itself.


The meticulous design and development journey of Eina Typeface are chronicled in the publication “Four Nuances of a Typographical Standard: A Typeface for EINA.” This detailed documentation provides an understanding of the development of Eina that reveals the effort and mastery put into it.


Eina Typeface stands as a testament to versatility and adaptability, boasting 32 original styles organized into four distinct categories: rational, humanist, geometeric and industrial. Each category has four weights together with their relative italics, thus giving designers the complete set for creativity. Be it logic and order, humanist warmth, geometric precision, industrial efficiency—the typeface offers any solution you need.

Usage of Eina Font

Eina Typeface showcases its capabilities as a multi-functional typographic solution in all fields of design. Eina’s varied styles and weights make this font suitable for branding and corporate identity projects as well as editorial design, web interfaces, advertising, signage, educational materials, and event branding. With its straight lines and justified proportions, it is perfect for all type of environments whether printed or digital, while its rooted in an educational typeface gives it more depth and credibility. Eina Typeface proves as an appropriate typographic solution for designers who desire a modern but practical solution while guiding navigation in public spaces or improving the readability of instructional content.

To sum up, Eina Typeface is a perfect marriage of education and design, which embodies the rules of typography while inviting to creative experiments. Being complete in style variety, thorough in documentation, and pro positive in purchase terms, this is an essential resource both for designers and educators, in this way enriching typography with a solid depth and flexibility.

Eina Font Free Download

What’s Included

  • Eina01 Light
  • Eina01 Light Italic
  • Eina01 Regular
  • Eina01 Regular Italic
  • Eina01 Semi Bold
  • Eina01 Semi Bold Italic
  • Eina01 Bold
  • Eina01 Bold Italic
  • Eina02 Light
  • Eina02 Light Italic
  • Eina02 Regular
  • Eina02 Regular Italic
  • Eina02 Semi Bold
  • Eina02 Semi Bold Italic
  • Eina02 Bold
  • Eina02 Bold Italic
  • Eina03 Light
  • Eina03 Light Italic
  • Eina03 Regular
  • Eina03 Regular Italic
  • Eina03 Semi Bold
  • Eina03 Semi Bold Italic
  • Eina03 Bold
  • Eina03 Bold Italic
  • Eina04 Light
  • Eina04 Light Italic
  • Eina04 Regular
  • Eina04 Regular Italic
  • Eina04 Semi Bold
  • Eina04 Semi Bold Italic
  • Eina04 Bold
  • Eina04 Bold Italic

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