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Panton Font

Panton font, designed by the reputable Swiss font foundry Fontfabric, comes as a perfect manifestation of such a merger. Panton is a combination of the clean lines, balanced proportions and well-dosed contrast, which is both modern and timeless elegance in its most serene form. Be a part of our search for the roots, development, and lasting influence of the Panton font in the realm of typography and design.


With the idea clear in mind, Fontfabric, a well-known typographic design company pushing the boundaries of the industry, started designing the Panton project. Using geometric forms, modernist theories, and dynamic design trends, the team set a modality for the community to use freely and forever.

Development of Pantone was characterized by detailed attention, extensive experimentations, and continuous refinement. Being a creative endeavor, Fontfabric’s designers performed a lot of “what if” experiments and tried plenty of geometrical shapes, line weights, and letterforms to find the best compromise between elegance and practicality.


Boasting a range of styles and weights, Panton allows designers to pick the right weight for their projects. Whether you require an elegant, thin look or a strong, impressive statement, Panton has you covered. The font family comprises 19 upright styles, each completed with its corresponding italic. This flexibility guarantees uniformity in various design units. Additionally, Panton offers a bonus of 16 icon sets. These icons are the right choice to supplement the font family and help improve the visual side of communication.

Usage of Panton Font

The legibility of Panton makes it very good for web interfaces because all text will always remain clear and easy to read on any device. Additionally, Panton elevates printed materials, starting from brochures and posters. The clean lines and balanced proportions give it a professional appearance. Moreover, Panton’s contemporary aesthetic is suitable for motion graphics, video titles, and animations. Its flexibility enables artistic investigation.

License Information

Fontfabric lets you try Panton for free in your design projects, but if you want to use it for commercial purposes, you must purchase a license.

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