Sequel Sans Font Sequel Sans Font

Sequel Sans Font

Sequel Sans, which is a neo-grotesque font, presents flexibility and versatility. It represents an excellent option for various design applications. As a contemporary member of the neo-grotesque family, Sequel Sans came into being as a result of cooperation. This partnership was with the renowned Max Bill Georges Vantongerloo Foundation. The typeface’s design principles are inspired by the characteristics of sans-serif fonts. Max Bill, the Swiss polymath, was a big fan of these fonts, as he became recognized for his artistic activities. The design team designed Sequel Sans to be flexible and open. It covers a wide range of styles.

It is a modernistic font that captures the idea of a neo-grotesque style. This is the style from the mid-20th century Swiss design movement. It pays homage to the never-dying tyopgraphic influence of Max Bill providing a powerful design tool. Not only can designers but also with the help of Swiss modernism they can communicate messages to the point. Sequel Sans is a plain, flexible font which makes content stronger. It is compatible with print as well as digital media.


The family includes eight weights, each paired with an appropriate italic, and it incorporates a range of Variable Fonts. Additionally, these typeface families feature four optical sizes, and the designs are tuned with precision. The measurements include Normal, Subhead, Headline, and Display. As we transition to bigger optical sizes, this brings about small changes. These changes include a decrease in letter-spacing and slight modifications of the glyph shape. Consequently, these subtleties increase the overall legibility and impact in larger sizes.

It is available in four optical sizes, each optimized for different application. The smallest size is used for body text, and the largest is for large displays. It guarantees better legibility and efficiency, regardless of the type of text- body text or headlines.

The creation of Sequel Sans is inspired by Max Bill’s usage of sans-serif fonts. It embodies modernist nature and the mid-century Swiss design movement. Accuracy at small sizes is mainly based on TrueType fonts. OpenType fonts provide an excellent depth for larger screens.

Sequel Sans Font Free Download

What’s Included

  • Sequel Sans Light Body
  • Sequel Sans Light Display
  • Sequel Sans Light Head
  • Sequel Sans Light Oblique Body
  • Sequel Sans Light Oblique Display
  • Sequel Sans Light Oblique Head
  • Sequel Sans Medium Body
  • Sequel Sans Medium Display
  • Sequel Sans Medium Head
  • Sequel Sans Medium Oblique Body
  • Sequel Sans Medium Oblique Display
  • Sequel Sans Medium Oblique Head
  • Sequel Sans Oblique Body
  • Sequel Sans Oblique Display
  • Sequel Sans Oblique Head
  • Sequel Sans Roman Body
  • Sequel Sans Roman Display
  • Sequel Sans Roman Head
  • Sequel Sans Book Display
  • Sequel Sans Book Head
  • Sequel Sans Book Oblique Body
  • Sequel Sans Book Oblique Display
  • Sequel Sans Book Oblique Head
  • Sequel Sans Semi Bold Body
  • Sequel Sans Semi Bold Display
  • Sequel Sans Semi Bold Head
  • Sequel Sans Semi Bold Oblique Body
  • Sequel Sans Semi Bold Oblique Display
  • Sequel Sans Semi Bold Oblique Head
  • Sequel Sans Black Body
  • Sequel Sans Black Display
  • Sequel Sans Black Head
  • Sequel Sans Black Oblique Body
  • Sequel Sans Black Oblique Display
  • Sequel Sans Black Oblique Head
  • Sequel Sans Bold Body
  • Sequel Sans Bold Display
  • Sequel Sans Bold Head
  • Sequel Sans Bold Oblique Body
  • Sequel Sans Bold Oblique Display
  • Sequel Sans Bold Oblique Head
  • Sequel Sans Book Body
  • Sequel Sans Heavy Body
  • Sequel Sans Heavy Display
  • Sequel Sans Heavy Head
  • Sequel Sans Heavy Oblique Body
  • Sequel Sans Heavy Oblique Display
  • Sequel Sans Heavy Oblique Head

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