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Cervo Font

Cervo Font, referring it to be the younger sister of Kapra is also another typographic personality in its own right. It is a rather slim looking typeface that comes in Medium and Thin and Thin weights that are more refined and will provide a nice alternative to the compared font. Drawing on the alluring aesthetics of the ‘You And Me Monthly’ magazine from Poland, Cervo Font captures the spirit of the mid-1960s style with a touch of grace and class.

With its stripped-off look, Cervo Font preserves consistency and legibility, which makes it applicable in many design situations. Be it for branding, editorial layouts, or digital interfaces, the clear lines and well-proportioned make it legible and attractive.

The availability of eight different combinations of both lower and upper case characters in this font offers designers with a variety of versions to investigate and play with. Ranging from sophisticated titles to polished body text, Cervo Font is a versatile font that permits various typographical compositions. It helps designers to express their message with readability and aesthetics.

It represents mid-century typography, a modern interpretation that’s classic and suitable for modern times. The simplicity of lines and sophisticated aesthetics of this font imparts understated elegance to any design project.


T is widely used in branding, editorial design, and more. In branding and corporate identity, it adds a unique flavor to logos and stationery. The clean lines and elegant proportions of these products convey a powerful visual image. Another is that Cervo Font provides readability and style in editorial design, which includes magazines, books, and newspapers.

It offers a stylish typographic solution for headlines, body text, and quotes, thus augmenting the aesthetic value of editorial layouts in general. Moreover, the adaptability of Cervo Font is seen to digital interfaces. Its clear outlines and distinct letterforms conveniently provide the optimum legibility, even in different sizes of the screens, which makes it mostly preferred for web sites, mobile apps, and digital publications.

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