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TT Norms Pro

TT Norms Pro is a diverse and flexible font family that has become popular among designers and typographers. It has numerous styles and weights, and it was designed by one of the well-known TypeType foundries, making it perfect for various design projects. The clean and modern look of the TT Norms Pro family has made it the preferred one by many professionals in the industry.

TT Norms Pro Features

The main feature distinguishing TT Norms Pro from other font families is the extreme care for details and attention to every aspect of the production. Each letter is carefully crafted to guarantee perfect legibility and readability in small sizes. The family of fonts also contains a large number of OpenType features, including ligatures, alternate characters, and stylistic sets that let designers give their type a unique characteristic.

TT Norms Pro has several features, making it a perfect choice for designers. First, the font family consists of various weights and styles, offering various design projects.

Moreover, It is made with great precision, considering every detail and ensuring exact legibility and readability. The letters are well-proportioned and can be used for print and the Internet. Furthermore, it incorporates many OpenType features, ligatures, and alternate characters, which offer the designers freedom and flexibility.

However, the advantages go beyond its beauty. The font family has been developed to be extremely practical and easy to use. It works smoothly with many software applications and can be used in different languages because of its multicurrency feature. Hence, it is user-friendly for designers from various geographical regions.


TT Norms Pro implements neutral symbols and fonts used in dialog boxes, menus, and wireframes. Technical diagrams and schematics are also used when building on simple lines and shapes that can be modeled at various scales. For the coding environment track, the font’s recognizable glyphs, especially curly braces and asterisks, make the text look crisp at even the most petite sizes.

Respectively, the font’s utilitarian readability makes it a multimedia, usable typeface for communicating complex, data-driven content with different media. Its modern look balances easy readability and stylish elegance. At the same time, the technical tools make for the optimal text setting across digital and print publications. This can increase a technical text information designer’s capabilities and assist him or her in producing documents with a high level of clarity.

What’s Included

  • Regular and Italic Versions
  • OTF File Formats

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