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FS Me Font

FS Me is a modern font from Fontsmith, a respected type foundry known for its innovative and high-quality designs. Launched in 2017, FS Me designed by Krista Radoeva and Fernando Mello unveils a fresh and modern interpretation of typography.

One even catches FS Me out of the corner of one’s eye and is surprised at its unusual shapes and amusing details. This font is a mix of geometric and humanist typefaces that make it look friendly and modern. The letters in this font have rounded corners and open counters – its character is soft and friendly.

It is available in different weights and styles, such as graceful Thin, striking Black, and graceful Italics. Most of the options are suitable for any kind of project, allowing designers to select from diverse possibilities.

FS Me is a font widely used in branding, packaging, editorial, and digital interface design. It is especially in demand, when a design needs character and charisma. Although clear and readable, it’s also easily readable when printed in small type. Moreover, its distinctiveness gives some visual attractiveness to titles and display type.

Besides the appealing look of FS Me, there are some rather useful features. It is available in different languages and with different OpenType features such as alternate characters, ligatures and stylistic sets. Such features help the designers enhance their typographic compositions by giving them the flexibility to customize their designs in several ways.

This is a flexible and contemporary font that brings modern typography to a new level. With a contemporary yet festive design, numerous weight and style choices, and functional features, this typeface can add value to any designer’s projects, for it provides many expression design opportunities.

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