Monument Extended Font Monument Extended Font

Monument Extended Font

Monument Extended is an appealing font that mixes sophistication with contemporaneity; hence, it can be used for numerous design projects. Monument Extended is a creation of the famous type foundry Pangram Pangram. It is an extension of the original Monument Typeface and offers a set of possibilities for designers who are looking to make a statement.


The typeface’s distinctive features are its tall vertical figure and elongated character forms, which radiate elegance and establishment. Each character is designed with cleanliness, subtle curves, readability, and distinctiveness. Monument Extended’s geometric precision contributes to its modernity, making it suitable for both digital and print usage.

One of Monument Extended’s strengths is its versatility. Whether used for headlines, body text, branding, or signage, the font attracts attention without imposing a visual composition. Its wide glyph coverage includes upper- and lower-case alphabets, numerals, punctuation marks, and a range of unique glyphs, providing much freedom for creative interpretation.

Apart from its visual beauty, Monument Extended has some advantages for designers. Its large x-height and uniform interletter spacing enhance legibility in various sizes and media. In addition, this typeface comes in several weights, from light to bold, which makes it convenient in multiple design situations.


The contemporary design of Monument Extended is timeless, and thus, it is highly sought after by graphic designers, typographers, and branding professionals. It is both sophisticated and authoritative yet approachable and is, therefore, a typeface suitable for various projects, from corporate identities to editorial layouts to Digital interfaces.

Be it a call for elegance in luxury branding or a sense of modernity in editorial design. Monument Extended proves the timeless power of typeface to mesmerize and communicate down the visual road.

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