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Neue Kabel Font

Neue Kabel is a modern variation of the classic font Kabel, which originated with German typographer Rudolf Koch in the 1920s. Marc Schütz and Christian Schwartz, with the help of Monotype, presented the new version to inherit Kabel’s timeless appeal but be more digital and flexible for modern design purposes.

Neue Kabel font focuses on the particular geometric forms and graceful curves that turned the original Kabel into a famous typeface. However, Schütz and Schwartz introduced a few modifications to make it more appropriate for contemporary typographic use.

Neue Kabel’s main improvements include its modified weights and styles array, which widens designers’ possibilities and applications of typographic compositions. Neue Kabel has a wide selection of options for many design needs, from delicate Thin to bold Black and their respective italics.

Besides, Neue Kabel has improved spacing and kerning, guaranteeing perfect readability and aesthetic unity in various text sizes and environments. The alterations made by Schütz and Schwartz enhance the appearance of the text, which is more polished and balanced, and, therefore, the typographic experience as a whole.

New Kabel uses better language support and OpenType features such as alternate characters, ligatures, and stylistic sets. These characteristics offer typographers extra means of artistic expression, permitting them to refine and modify their typography designs easily.

In general, Neue Kabel achieves the perfect harmony of tradition and modernity, honoring Rudolf Koch’s Kabel’s established principles while adding some fashionable elements necessary for modern design. With its beautiful shapes, many weights and styles, and useful attributes, it’s a versatile font for all kinds of design projects, from branding and editorial design to web and interface design.

What’s Included

  • Neue Kabel
  • Neue Kabel Italic
  • Neue Kabel Thin
  • Neue Kabel Thin Italic
  • Neue Kabel Light
  • Neue Kabel Light Italic
  • Neue Kabel Extra Light
  • Neue Kabel Extra  Light Italic
  • Neue Kabel Medium
  • Neue Kabel Medium Italic
  • Neue Kabel Bold
  • Neue Kabel Bold Italic
  • Neue Kabel Extra Bold
  • Neue Kabel Extra Bold Italic
  • Neue Kabel Extra Black
  • Neue Kabel Extra Black Italic
  • Neue Kabel Extra Book
  • Neue Kabel Extra Book Italic

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