Gill Sans Nova Font Gill Sans Nova Font

Gill Sans Nova Font

Gill Sans Nova is a modern revival of the famous Gill Sans font, created by the prominent British designer Eric Gill in the 1920s and 1930s. Monotype’s George Ryan designed Gill Sans Nova in 2015 to transform the classic version to fit in with modern digital environments without losing its original spirit.

Gill Sans Nova retains the distinctive characteristics that made the original Gill Sans so famous: its cleanliness, geometrical shapes, open counters, and humanistic impact. However, Ryan has introduced numerous improvements and additions that would make it more flexible and functional for contemporary designers and typographers.

A significant improvement of Gill Sans Nova is extending its character set to additional weights, styles, and language support. This makes typographic expressions more flexible in design projects for both print and digital media, helping typographers create a wide range of expressions.

Further, Gill Sans Nova integrates enhancements in spacing and kerning, making it more readable and attractive in various text sizes and settings. With Ryan’s adjustments, the typeface remains readable and elegant even in challenging typographic environments.

In addition, Gill Sans Nova includes richer OpenType capabilities, which gives typographers new opportunities for innovative typography. Such characteristics encompass alternate characters, ligatures, and stylistic sets that empower designers to tweak the look of a text, making it more attractive to their designs.

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