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DM Sans Font

DM Sans is a modern, robust, multi-functional font created by Colophon Foundry. It can be considered a contemporary version of the traditional grotesque sans-serif font. It is also versatile, available in various weights or styles, and ideal for design applications.

DM Sans’s primary attribute is its straightforward and minimalistic style. The letterforms are deliberately designed with the perfect proportions for precise and smooth readings regardless of scale or support. DM Sans can be used for print and digital design projects such as editorial, branding, signage, and web typography, thus becoming an excellent choice for these areas.


Via its comprehensive collection of weights, ranging from Thin to Black, the DM Sans opens up an amply wide field for designers to work with, developing visual hierarchy and focus. It is also accompanied by italic styles for each weight, providing an extra creative touch and expressive type.

The font’s texture is represented by little nuances, modern touches like slug langers around the terminals, and open apertures that give it a contemporary and approachable appearance. These design features, in part, make it friendly so that it can be used for various design situations, from formal corporate communication to creative branding.

What makes DM Sans exceptional is its extensive language support, which includes various Western and Eastern European languages based on Latin. Through this multilingual framework, DM Sans delivers top-notch design results in projects carried out worldwide in many different languages.

In addition, the font comes with a free Open Font License (OFL), allowing it to be used for free and without any restrictions on personal and commercial projects. This open licensing system considers accessibility, among other things, and helps develop a design community where people can collaborate, build creativity, and innovate.

DM Sans is a modern and robust multipurpose typeface with good readability, an envelope of weights and styles, extensive language coverage, and open licensing. Its simple and modern design, along with contemporary touches, makes it a dependable and versatile sans-serif typeface for designers who need to meet their projects’ requirements.


DM Sans Font is one of the fonts that differ from others in one distinct attribute. It provides a modern and nice design (that is), both exciting and legible. Diversity and difference also attract, as a font comes in several weights and styles, enabling designers to change the mood and look of their projects. On top of that, the DM Sans style font exhibits high readability on all platforms and browsers; hence, the user gets the same experience.

While these other fonts, such as Arial and Helvetica, are among the most popular, DM Sans offers a twist of freshness due to its modern design. Arial and Helvetica are not new fonts, as they have been used for many years, but DM Sans Font offers them a little touch of modernity that is attractive to designers. The evenly and uniformly balanced lines make the font compatible with diverse design areas, e.g., from printing to the web and anything in between.

What’s Included

  • DM Sans Thin
  • DM Sans Thin Italic
  • DM Sans Extra Light
  • DM Sans Extra Light Italic
  • DM Sans Light
  • DM Sans Light Italic
  • DM Sans Regular
  • DM Sans Regular Italic
  • DM Sans Medium
  • DM Sans Medium Italic
  • DM Sans Semi Bold
  • DM Sans Semi Bold Italic
  • DM Sans Bold
  • DM Sans Bold Italic
  • DM Sans Extra Bold
  • DM Sans Extra Bold Italic
  • DM Sans Black
  • DM Sans Black Italic


DM Sans is distributed by the Colophon Foundry, like other fonts, under the Open Font License (OFL), allowing designers and developers to use them freely. The OFL license is a free software license dedicated to fonts. Another exceptional characteristic of this freedom license is that users can employ the font for personal and commercial purposes. This means that you can use DM Sans for a substantial number of applications without having to fork out a premium for licensing the font or worrying about its glitches.

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