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Gordita Font

Gordita is a minimalist sans serif font family by Thomas Gillett and lettering by iKern engineer. Gordita is a modern typeface that merges efficiency and simplicity with the complex features of today’s typography trends. Most of the shapes in Gordita resemble geometric patterns and its typeface is reminiscent of Futura and Gotham types with slight modern additions that make the cafe appear more welcoming and relatable. Due to its flexibility, it can be used in many contexts, such as logotype, newspaper and magazine design, and website and advertisement design.

Features of Gordita Font

The geometric premise of Gordita sets up a clean and organized design sensibility that is instantly classic yet contemporary. This underlying structure helps to maintain aesthetic and spatial consistency across the typeface, thus giving the impression of coherence and legibility.

Although Gordita draws its source from geometrical shapes, it does not turn its back on certain contemporary nuances. These are subtle considerations which make the typeface less stiff and formal, giving it a character of its own. Overall, the culmination is a work with a pleasant and unpretentious appearance. By offering such a vast choice of weight, Thin to Black, Gordita allows designers to use typographical high-low visual contrast effectively. Whether you’re capturing subtitles or going for some statement headlines, Gordita has a weight that will fit you. Each weight is coupled with the matching italics to provide increased versatility and an extended range of possible applications.

Gordita Font is recognisable and readily available for support of over two hundred languages with an extended Latin and Cyrillic character set. Subsequent improvements have added Thin and Ultra styles, optimized apertures for even better readability, as well as new shapes of characters, and advanced OpenType functions. Gordita can handle any design venture you may have, either in print or on any digital platform.


Gordita’s flexibility, however, cannot be questioned, meaning that it’s a great tool for any kind of design work. This is due to the coalescence of its roots in tradition and the ability to embrace modern influences. The geometric base brings a structural, faceted construction of the timeless design, and new elements give it warmth and character. This approach ensures Gordita can easily switch between different uses ranging from the seriousness of the business identity to the fun-loving world of magazine-like press.

Moreover, it has a broad weight range, supports various languages, and has numerous small technological features, which include optical compensations and elaborated apertures, making the font look remarkably good when used in various contexts. Be it for building a professional-looking website or a colourful and cheerful poster, Gordita’s flexibility ensures designers can come up with designs that will make a lasting and powerful impression.

Similar Fonts to Gordita Font

Though the blend of geometric precision and the warm patronizing of the contemporary space offered by Gordita is fascinating, several other potentially interesting solutions came to mind. Also, the Sofia Pro Soft has a geometric base with smooth curves that blunt the angles to make it appear more hospitable. Unmatched for its relative simplicity and sans-serif appearance, Gilroy is a modern typeface available in various styles and with variable weight. West has a gentler appearance than Winchester, and it is applicable in various applications without compromising on its readability. Another modern sans serif font we can compare with it is TT Norms.

What’s Included

  • Gordita Light
  • Gordita Light Italic
  • Gordita Medium
  • Gordita Medium Italic
  • Gordita Regular
  • Gordita Regular Italic
  • Gordita Bold
  • Gordita Bold Italic
  • Gordita Black
  • Gordita Black Italic

Gordita Font Free Download

Gordita Font


Gordita Font Free

Gordita Font Download

Gordita Font Download Free

Gordita Font Free Download

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