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Gilroy Font

The Gilroy font is a modern and versatile sans-serif typeface created by Radomir Tinkov. Designers worldwide appreciate its clean lines, geometric shapes, and rounded corners, which give it a contemporary look and feel. Released in 2016, Gilroy has become a reliable workhorse for various design projects, including branding, advertising, web design, and print materials.

The most distinct feature of Gilroy font is its richness in sets of weights and styles, to which designers can resort whenever they need to emphasize the visual hierarchy or add emphasis to their designs. The author delivers a full range of typographic instruments for art expression and design, whether the heavier weights have a powerful impact or the lighter ones have delicate beauty.

What makes Gilroy font stand out among other fonts is its beautiful design and its legibility, which allows clarity even on small and large surfaces. This will also work for many situations, so text set in Gilroy is noticeable, whether for headlines, body text, or just signs. Gilmer is an example similar to Gilroy. They both share the same design.

Featuring the Webfont-ready feature, the Gilroy font can be used on all digital platforms, browsers and devices to provide a consistent user experience. Its use for desktop and mobile interfaces guarantees visual clarity, thus making it often a powerful solution for web designers.

Files Include:

Gilroy Ultra Light Italic
Gilroy Ultra Light
Gilroy Thin Italic
Gilroy Thin
Gilroy Semi Bold Italic
Gilroy Semi Bold
Gilroy Regular Italic
Gilroy Regular
Gilroy Medium Italic
Gilroy Medium
Gilroy LightItalic
Gilroy Light
Gilroy Heavy Italic
Gilroy Heavy
Gilroy Extra Bold Italic
Gilroy Extra Bold
Gilroy Bold Italic
Gilroy Bold
Gilroy Black Italic
Gilroy Black

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