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Nexa Font

Nexa, a practical and eye-catching sans serif font created by Fontfabric, has gained popularity and is widely used nowadays. Nexa has become a popular choice among designers and other professionals in different industries due to its clean lines, strong geometric shapes, and the combination of urban and organic forms. This font family has been in the making since 2012, and ever since, it has shown great adaptability and is suitable for various fields such as corporate branding and identity, publishing, web design, and packaging.


Nexa is designed by Svet Simov, a Bulgarian type designer and was published by Fontfabric in the year 2012. The main requirement was to design a font that combines the geometry and the modern trends while maintaining the legibility and application in many different applications. The result is a font family that is not only very practical but also beautiful in its design.

Features of Nexa Font

Nexa font family is famous for its geometric shapes, balanced and precise proportions, and clean, sharp lines. The font style has a clean and sleek look, which can easily fit into any design project. Nexa has 36 fonts with different weights, from Thin to Black and respective italics, which allow the designers to have a diverse set of tools to apply. The main strength of Nexa is in the variety of tools that it offers for both print and web design. Its design is based on geometric forms, which is why the lines are straight, and the corners are sharp. Still, fine contours and elements of humanity mitigate the general sternness of the design.

In addition, It offers a plethora of OpenType features, including ligatures, stylistic sets, small caps, and a plethora of numeral variations to help designers fine-tune their typography. Another of Nexa’s key assets is the versatility that characterizes the firm. Optical balance is perfect for both display and text purposes, which makes it great for headlines, body, logos, branding, packages, and the web. However, It is very readable even in small sizes and is for a wide range of uses, even if it has a contemporary style. Clear letterforms and a good amount of space between the lines would allow you to read it without difficulties in any conditions.


Due to its flexibility, It has become popular and useful in numerous creative endeavors. The simplicity of the style and the modern look make it perfect for logos, brands and advertising material in branding and identification. These shapes look very professional and contemporary, but the emphasis on curves and roundness gives it a friendly touch. As for the editorial design, Nexa’s legibility and versatility are worth noting. It suits headlines, subheads, body text, quotes, and captions across magazines, newspapers, and digital platforms, thereby providing a consistent and visually harmonious typographic structure. This is because It is highly suitable for use in digital applications such as websites and online services.

This font is easy to read, especially on screen, thus making it suitable for any reading material, and the different weights and styles make it easier for designers to come up with good layouts. Furthermore, This font has a simplistic and contemporary design language, which works equally well for packaging design, with its geometrical shapes and high readability, and can be easily applied to different packaging shapes and materials. Thus, Its audacity and message delivery are awesome to use in advertising campaigns and can be applicable to various types of advertising, including print ads and digital banners.

Similar Fonts to Nexa Font

Although the Nexa has its own character within the typeface family, the various fonts that are part of this category have some features in common, such as the geometry of the shapes and the modern and versatile design.

Proxima Nova: This particular font type is a sans-serif type by Mark Simonson and it also holds geometric qualities and flexibility.

Avenir: Like Futura, Avenir is another geometric by Adrian Frutiger, which is also a humanistic sans-serif typeface. It possesses similar weight and style variations and is ideal for use in designs and other related purposes.

Gotham: This is a geometric sans-serif typeface that has been designed by Tobias Frere-Jones and is characterized by its strong appearance. Although the font is fairly similar to that of Nexa, Gotham tends to give off a more industrial vibe.

Lato: This very well-known free sans-serif typeface with a geometric foundation is the work of Łukasz Dziedzic and is equally legible. Though the former is more ample and comparatively less condensed than the latter.

What’s Included

  • Nexa Black Italic
  • Nexa Black
  • Nexa Bold Italic
  • Nexa Bold
  • Nexa Book Italic
  • Nexa Book
  • Nexa Extra Bold Italic
  • Nexa Extra Bold
  • Nexa Heavy Italic
  • Nexa Heavy
  • Nexa Italic
  • Nexa Light Italic
  • Nexa Light
  • Nexa Regular
  • Nexa Thin Italic
  • Nexa Thin

Nexa Font Free Download

Nexa Font Free

Nexa Font Free Download


What is Nexa Font?

It is a geometric sans serif font that has a very clean and modern look due to its simple design. It is popular in the fields of branding, web design and print.

What other free fonts are similar to Nexa Font?

Although It is a paid font, there are a number of free fonts that have a geometric san serif style that is similar to Nexa. These are some of the examples; they include Montserrat, Raleway, and Quicksand.

Is Nexa Font free for commercial use?

Nexa has only a few free fonts available, but the full family requires a license for commercial purposes.

Does Nexa support multiple languages?

The linguistics support of Nexa includes Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek characters.

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