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Just Sans Font

Just Sans is a modern and friendly sans serif font family that offers the best of both worlds, the warmth of the modernist style and the geometric optics of today’s world. Designed to be a professional, modern, geometric sans serif, and the typeface has a nice balance of being both serious and friendly. It neither alienates the reader with technical jargon nor an over-enthusiastic tone, and yet it is not devoid of warmth nor familiarity.

The style of the font is relatively modern, as the character set is rather open, with enough breathing space and a fair amount of width. It has sharp angled terminals to give a unique grip on the device while giving it an aesthetic and cute appeal. While being a contemporary alternative sans serif with a distinct character, Just Sans is a no-nonsense font that won’t let you down. It has seven styles of weight, a complete set of Latin extended character sets, garnet kerning, and variable font for utmost usability.

Just Sans consists of hand-hinted web fonts that are specifically designed for clarity and readability on screens, which makes it perfect for use on websites, logos, branding, headlines, paragraphs, interfaces, signs, packaging, posters, and more, especially for tech, new media, architecture, fashion, and design industries. It is a versatile typeface that has a unique style that gives it the stamp of originality, thus making the family a valuable addition to any type library especially for those who have an appreciation of fine numbers.

If you are a fan of modern sans serif fonts and are looking for something less cold, more inviting, and emotional, Just Sans is ideal for use.

What’s Included

  • 7 Styles (Light, Extra Light, Regular, Medium, Semi Bold, Bold, Extra Bold)
  • BONUS Variable Font
  • 8 OTF font files
  • 8 WOFF Web Font files
  • 8 .WOFF2 Web Font files
  • 623+ Characters in each font
  • 20 OpenType Features
  • Expanded Numerals – Default, tabular, fractions, numerators, denominators, superiors, inferiors
  • Multiple Stylistic Sets (flat terminals, single-story ‘a’, ‘l’ with tail, etc.)
  • Case Sensitive Punctuation
  • 219+ Latin Languages supported

Just Sans Font Free Download

Just Sans

Font Just Sans

Just Sans Font Free

Just Sans Font Free Download

Just Sans Font Download

Just Sans Free Download

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