Edwardian Script Font Edwardian Script Font

Edwardian Script Font

Edwardian Script is an elegant font that takes us back to the early 1900s and the Edwardian era. This script font features smooth and rounded forms, delicate strokes, and graceful ornaments, giving it a retro and refined look. ITC Edwardian Script is easily identifiable and often used in design works to create an elegant and old-fashioned feel.


Edward Benguiat created the Edwardian Script font, and ITC introduced the font in 1997. It gets its name from the copperplate scripts that were in use during the Edwardian period in England that ranged from 1901 to 1910. This era witnessed the growth of arts, fashion, and design, with high focus on elegance and class. Edwardian Script is a perfect example of this period as it embodies the look of calligraphy and handwriting in modern font.


Edwardian Script is easily identifiable due to some specific characteristics that are not present in other scripts. Edwardian Script, unlike conventional calligraphic scripts, which suggests the use of a flat-tip pen, was developed with the flexible steel point pen in mind. This enables one to apply more or less pressure to produce thin and thick lines, respectively, as opposed to the angle of the nib. The outcome is a highly legible and richly expressive sans-serif typeface with a smooth and harmonious stroke rhythm.

It also has ligatures, swashes and alternates, thus giving it a wider application and more of a decorative feel. These embellishments provide more options in terms of adjustment which means that designers can create their own typography styles.

This typeface is especially popular in settings where style and form are highly important. It is commonly seen in wedding invitations, business letters, and luxury products to give a touch of sophistication and elegance. Furthermore, the script is versatile in the field of editorial design when used for headlines and subheadings to give a traditional and credible feeling.


Edwardian Script has been modified at the present time as a reaction to the new design techniques. Font designers have put considerable effort into refining and adapting the original forms for both screen display and printing to make sure that the typeface outputs are standard and legible across different screen sizes and resolutions. These adaptations preserve the classic look of the font and also include contemporary features like the OpenType features for swashes and ligatures to give the designer more options in the typography.

Edwardian Script is versatile and suitable in various design projects. It is perfect for wedding invitations, greeting cards, and other social stationery because of its classy and well-crafted design. It also makes it very suitable for use in branding and logo design, giving a royal touch to logos and brands. Concerning editorial design, Edwardian Script is the best choice to use for headlines, quotes, and other elements of design to give newspapers or magazines an elegant look.

Similar Fonts to Edwardian Script

Although Edwardian Script stands on its own as a font style, other script fonts are similar in nature. Some notable examples include:

English 111: A somewhat elegant copperplate script with a more formal and traditional look and feel.

Palace Script: A bolder script with some more flourishes and extra decorations.

Zapfino: A contemporary font with calligraphic elements and many letterform options.

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Edwardian Script

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ITC Edwardian Script Font

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