Bickham Script Font Bickham Script Font

Bickham Script Font

Bickham Script Font is a neo-classic design based on English round-hand scripts of the 18th Century. The design is based on traditional calligraphy with the elements of writing that have fluid and decorative lines and curves. Richard Lipton carefully designed each letterform of the font in order to mimic the appearance of handwritten script and give Bickham Script its elegant look.


Bickham Script is a typeface from the 18th century by the English engraver George Bickham. The author of the book “The Universal Penman” was George Bickham, who presented many scripts and forms of calligraphy, including the Bickham style. This font was digitally ‘re-born and re-tailored’ to function appropriately in the modern world while preserving the essence of the original creation by Bickham.


Bickham Script is a beautiful font that has a lot of detail, which when placed together, gives the font its unique and easily identifiable design. The most noticeable aspect is the continuous and dynamic movement of its letterforms. Each character naturally leads into the next one in the same way that a master calligrapher paints with his brush. This gives a dynamic and rhythmic aesthetic effect that recalls the styles of traditional penmanship.

Along with the elegant strokes, most instances of Bickham Script include additional elements that add to its decorative nature. Such embellishments, usually drawn from the principles of Baroque style, are the swashes, tails, or even complex flourishes inside the letters. These decorations help create an additional layer of visual interest and bring a playful touch to the script, which is perfect for formal or celebratory design projects.

Another distinguishing feature of Bickham Script is the variety of the characters it contains. The typeface usually has many variants and ligatures, which help the designers create a unique look for their text. The other type of character is the alternate characters, which are the other forms of the standard letters that you can use to give the text more flexibility and style, while ligatures are special characters formed by combining two or more letters to produce a single character which adds more flare to the font.


The classical and sophisticated look, as well as individual features of Bickham Script, make it universal and suitable for use in various fields. The style is more on the romantic and elegant side, and that is why it is popular for use in wedding invites, as it gives the occasion a proper and traditional feel. The font of the invitation can be described as elegant, with lines and accents that give the impression of lasting love, which makes it appropriate for the wedding ceremony.

In the field of publishing, Bickham Script, therefore, has a good place in magazine and book design. With its curves and decoration, it works well for headlines, pull quotes and other design elements to bring elegance and sophistication to a page. This is because the font creates a sense of nostalgia, which is useful in works that have a historical or literary theme.

Similar Fonts

There are many similar fonts to Bickham Script that you can use for your designs. 

Shelley Allegro Script: Presents a similar kind of sophistication with slightly more stretched out lettering.

Palace Script: A design with more detail and decoration with specific and distinct design elements.

Edwardian Script: Looks very similar to the historical style but has a more compact and erect form.

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Bickham Script

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