Snell Roundhand Font Snell Roundhand Font

Snell Roundhand Font

Snell Roundhand is a script font by Matthew Carter in 1966 and is available through Linotype. Carter, a British designer at a high professional level, wanted to design a typeface that would reflect the fluidity of handwriting. He got the idea from Charles Snell, a writer who had written a writing manual titled “The Pen-man’s Treasury Open’d” published in 1694 which used roundhand script, a style of writing that was in vogue in England in the last quarter of the 17th and the first quarter of the 18th century.

Roundhand or English round hand was a rather elegant and beautiful form of writing that focused on the regularity and legibility of the letters. It was used in official documents and letters; it was praised for its clear and nice-looking text. Carter’s work of digitizing this beautiful script from Snell made it possible to use it in today’s world of printing and design.


The history of Snell Roundhand began in the 17th century when an English writing master by the name Charles Snell came up with a elegant script that formed the basis of this font. This stylistic feature of Snell’s script written in flowing lines and round shapes passed to his students and influenced the handwriting for many years.

However, it was in the middle of the twentieth century when Matthew Carter, a famous type designer, developed Snell’s script as a digital font. As an employee of Mergenthaler Linotype, Carter carefully refined Snell’s handwriting to fit into the existing system of the printing process. Thus, the Snell Roundhand font was introduced in 1966 and quickly became popular due to its ability to convey the idea of sophistication and sophistication.


Snell Roundhand is famous for the characteristics that differentiate it from other typefaces. The font has one major feature, which is the linearity of its form and the simulation of handwritten letters. The letterforms are fairly curves, which gives it a more friendly and approachable vibe. Another unique aspect is the slight variation between the heavy and the light strokes, which brings an element of movement to the otherwise elegant font.

The font family consists of three weights: These are the styles; Regular, Bold, and Black. All the weights have a different taste to it and this gives the designers the freedom to select the right weight for their project. Also, Snell Roundhand has several swash characters and ligatures that give the font a more calligraphic touch and give the designer some options for creativity.


Snell Roundhand is very flexible and that is why it is best to use in many different areas. It is mostly applicable in official documents like wedding invitations, certificates, and other premium brand documents and products. It gives the impression of a formal and traditional look and feel in these contexts.

However, Snell Roundhand is also very suitable for various modern design projects. It is especially popular in logos, magazine headings, and advertising because it conveys a feeling of retro or vintage look. As a result, we can consider this font a powerful means of grabbing the attention of the target audience and touching their emotions, which is always important for designers who work on creating effective visuals.

Similar Fonts to Snell Roundhand

Even though Snell Roundhand is quite distinct, there are other similar fonts that you can use as a substitution. Some notable examples include:

Shelley Script: A more informal and fun font that is also more rounded than Snell Roundhand.

Palace Script: A bolder and more decorative style of font that is thought to be more elegant, sophisticated and maybe even regal.

Brush Script: A slightly more decorative and more swash type of font that resembles brush stroke writing.

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Snell Roundhand

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