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Shelley Script Font

Shelley Script is a script font that attempts to copy the free flow of cursive writing in the most natural way possible. This font has its name derived from the popular Romantic poet, Percy Bysshe Shelley. Shelley Script is a design that recreates the look of handwritten letters and is particularly suitable for any project in need of a touch of class.

It associates with Percy Bysshe Shelley, a famous poet; thus, it has a high historical and literary value and will be beneficial for both print and online publications. Matthew Carter, a renowned English type designer and a very significant personality in the area of typography in the twentieth century, designed this font. His concept was to come up with a font that would have the aesthetics of script writing and, at the same time, offer legibility and quickness of print writing.

It is the modern version of the handwriting style used by George Shelley, an English writing master of the early eighteenth century. Carter’s attention to detail in emulating Shelley’s handwriting resulted in the development of three styles of the Shelley Script font:


Shelley Script is famous for its detailed line work, as well as its contrast between thick and thin strokes, especially in the letters. The letters are connected, and this makes the layout to be fluid and not interrupted, which can be easily associated with calligraphy. It gives a certain flow and unity to the font, which is very suitable for both official and even artistic applications.

It is important to note that Shelley Script is a highly versatile typeface, and it comes with several styles. The font comes in three different variations: Shelley Andante, Shelley Allegro and Shelley Volante. Each style also has a different degree of formality and decoration so designers can find the right one for their specific needs. Shelley Andante is the most conservative of the three, with no swashes or embellishments, while Shelley Allegro and Shelley Volante have more flourish and decoration.


Shelley Script font is a classic font that is best to use in any project and at any time and still look beautiful. It is often applied in creating wedding invitation cards, greetings cards and other materials that are intended for other formal ceremonies. The font is also very suitable for branding and packaging, especially in the fashion, beauty and high-end products industries due to its elegant and timeless look.

Besides print applications, Shelley Script is also a good font to use for digital media. This font is easy to read and visually pleasing, which makes it perfect for use in website headers, social media posts, and e-invitations. Nevertheless, as it is more of a decorative typeface, it is best to use it for headlines and short phrases rather than using it for the main text.

Similar Fonts to Shelley Script

Shelley Script is a beautiful font in the script category. However, several fonts share similar characteristics:

Bickham Script: This font, drawn from George Bickham’s engravings from the 18th century, has a vintage look.

Palace Script: This font has a newer script lettering design but has a more confident and tougher look.

Snell Roundhand: Another font with straight lines and curves you can use as the best alternative for Shelley Script.

Shelley Script Font Free Download

Shelley Script

Shelley Script Font Free

Shelley Script Font Free Download

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