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Brixton Font

Meet Brixton, the bold hand-printed font family that acknowledges the letterpress style and its captivating flaws. Being bold, slender, and inimitable in texture, Brixton is a powerful expression of personality and is, therefore, perfect for design statements of force.

The Brixton font revolutionizes typography with its innovative SVG fonts, showcasing unparalleled quality and texture previously unseen. Users can apply the fonts in any color or background, fostering creativity. Brixton offers two distinct SVG letterpress styles: Wood and Lead, each boasting transparent textures with exceptional details. Additionally, Brixton includes vector pairs, facilitating easy implementation across various design projects.

Whether you aim to display the gritty textures in black and white or unleash Brixton’s full potential in vibrant color, this typeface represents the limitless field for creative interpretation. With a pair of options for each letter, Brixton retains a custom-made appearance without obvious repeats and supports all Central European languages.

Ultimately, Brixton isn’t just a font but a mighty tool for designers who want to bring authenticity and personality to their projects. Featuring unique textures, adaptable formats, and painstaking attention to detail, Brixton allows designers to experiment and create unforgettable designs.

What’s Included

  • Brixton SVG Lead: Presents a softly original tonal texture with density variations and genuine nicks and grit.
  • Brixton SVG Wood: Rough in texture and genuine wood grain.


  • Brixton OTF Lead: Delicate tonal texture with less detail for branding, identities, and web.
  • Brixton OTF Wood: Characterizes less intricate but genuine wooden grain pattern.

Furthermore, PNG files of each glyph in a high resolution (3000px) are provided for those who need the font for large-scale use.

Please be aware that Photoshop CC 2017 or Illustrator CC 2018 (and newer) is necessary for the SVG format, while the Regular OTF format is compatible. The SVG and OTF fonts offer Central European language support only for simplicity. Nevertheless, most other foreign language support is available in PNG files, including Vietnamese, and the support can be added to the text manually in Photoshop or Illustrator.

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