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Mundial Font

Mundial is a specific style font that has caught attention due to its exceptional design elements and versatility. The font, created by Studio Miles and released in 2019, is inspired by traditional sports designs from the 1950s, particularly those of soccer.

One of Mundial’s distinctive elements is its loud and angular letters, which scream dynamism and energy, similar to the mood at sporty arenas during the days of huge sports events. The font maintains a delicate border between the modern and the traditional, thus fitting the needs of many applications other than sports branding, such as editorial design, advertising, and packaging.

Mundial’s character set consists of capital letters, lowercase letters, numerals, punctuation marks, and symbols, which allows designers to create visual combinations. The font’s clean lines and geometric shapes guarantee readability even at smaller sizes, and its bold presence makes it approachable not only when used for headlines or display purposes.

Besides that, Mundial provides various stylistic alternates and ligatures, enabling designers to create the typography form they need more precisely. Such flexibility makes Mundial an easy-to-work font for designers who want to use various design contexts while maintaining a coherent look.

Aside from its visual qualities, Mundial has an extensive language support set, which makes it usable in multilingual projects without compromising consistency or readability.

Mundial Font is a modernized version of vintage sports typography that provides characteristics like boldness, versatility, and readiness for designers to elevate the visual look of their works on different media platforms. Whether chosen for sports branding, media layouts, or advertisement campaigns, Mundial’s unique style will be immediately captivating to audiences from all over the planet.



The Mundial is a sans-serif typeface known for its versatility. It can be used in various situations, from print to digital media and headers to body sections.

Variety of Styles

Mundial family is available in many weights – light, regular, medium, semi-bold, bold, and black. Because of this, it is a suitable option for varying design circumstances.


An essential element of Mundial is its legibility. These characters have clear and simple lines, which make them easy to read across different sizes.

Geometric Design

Mundial has a geometric structure, which makes it modern and gives it a clean look. All the characters have the same uniform stroke weight, which is why the typeface looks so modern.

International Characters

As in many contemporary typefaces, Mundial presents a complete set of international characters for various languages.

OpenType Features

Mundial offers a variety of OpenType features, including ligatures, fractions, and stylistic alternates. This allows the designer to arrange the content creatively and flexibly.


Mundial has lining and old-style numerals, so the typesetting process can be more diverse.

Summing up, Mundial is a fashionable and multi-purpose typeface that can be an excellent solution for many design projects.

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