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Filson Pro Font

Filson Pro, a recent addition to the font family of modern fonts, is widely popular for its flexibility and sleek appearance. Drawing inspiration from geometric shapes and legibility, Filson Pro has been successfully applied across print and web projects and found its place among the designers’ favourites for its harmonious design and versatility.


Filson Pro was designed by Olivier Gourvat, a French type designer, and was published by the Mostardesign Type Foundry in 2014. Gourvat, the master behind some of the best fonts, created Filson Pro as a geometric sans serif typeface for versatility. The font family is based on the classic geometric sans-serif design with the addition of some contemporary touches to make the font family look both elegant and new.


One of the major advantages of Filson Pro is that it contains over 575 glyphs in the character set. This great number of characters means that the designers have numerous possibilities to create aesthetically rich and meaningful typography. The font family is available in 16 styles, from Thin to Black and with italics for each style, thus allowing the designers to have a good variety of weights suitable for different projects.

Filson Pro has some of the advanced OpenType features that add to the flexibility of the font. These features include stylistic alternates, case-sensitive forms, localized forms, and f-ligatures. This font also supports OpenType class kerning to enhance the spacing between the characters to make the typography look clean and presentable.

The design of Filson Pro is based on geometric shapes, sharp lines, and large apertures of the counters, which make the typeface very readable even in small sizes. Its rounded corners and slightly condensed characters give this font a warm and welcoming vibe that would be suitable for any project.


The versatility of Filson Pro has therefore made it a versatile choice for many design uses. The minimalistic and elegant look of the design makes it perfect for business, publication, and website design. The font is easily readable, and therefore, ideal for the body text in print and digital formats.

The Filson Pro’s range in weight from Thin to Black enables designers to set effective headlines and subheadings. Different styles of the font may also be applied to create the hierarchy of content and make the reader to follow the order of the information provided. The angular shapes and large apertures of Filson Pro also make it suitable for display typography, making it ideal for use in posters, signs, and other plate formats.

Similar Fonts to Filson Pro

While it is quite clear that Filson Pro has a unique personality, it does share some similarities with other successful sans-serif typefaces. Proxima Nova is another geometric sans serif that is very similar to Helvetica in terms of its flexibility and numerous styles. Avenir, another geometric sans serif typeface, has a humanist look that makes it look friendlier than other conventional sans serif fonts. Finally, the Futura, which has a geometrical shape and a rather simple design, also looks both traditional and innovative.

Filson Pro Font Free Download

What’s Included

  • Filson Pro Black
  • Filson Pro Black Italic
  • Filson Pro Bold
  • Filson Pro Bold Italic
  • Filson Pro Book
  • Filson Pro Book Italic
  • Filson Pro Heavy
  • Filson Pro Heavy Italic
  • Filson Pro Light
  • Filson Pro Light Italic
  • Filson Pro Medium
  • Filson Pro Medium Italic
  • Filson Pro Regular
  • Filson Pro Regular Italic
  • Filson Pro Thin
  • Filson Pro Thin Italic


Is Filson Pro a free font?

This font family is a commercial one, and it means that you will need a license to use it. However, some websites provide free downloads for personal use and it is crucial to check the license agreement before using the font for business purposes.

What design software is compatible with Filson Pro?

Filson Pro works with most design software, including Adobe Creative Suite, Affinity Designer, Corel Draw, and others.

Can I use Filson Pro for website design?

Yes, you can use it in web design by either linking it to CSS or by using web font services such as Adobe Fonts.

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