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Kiona Font

Kiona is a multi-face and very attractive sans serif font designed by Ellen Luff. This is due to the geometric shapes as well as the calculated look as hallmarked by this style of furniture. Owing to the big number of weights and the really wide language support Kiona is a perfect font to use in branding, logo creation, headlines and posters design.

Features of Kiona Font

Kiona behaves in a simple and elegant way, looking more scrupulous and striving for minimalism and rationality, making it eye-catching. Its contemporary approach spans four representative weights – Light, Regular, Semibold and Bold – with different character traits to support a variety of purposes. Both the typeface’s slender appearance and the shapes of its strokes are perfectly balanced for reading, allowing it to be employed both for text and headlines, even if it is displayed in a small size. Support for a myriad of languages widens the products’ reach to as many users as possible, while certain OpenType features, such as ligatures & alternatives, provide distinction and a personal touch to the logos.

Usage of Kiona Font

The broadness of Kiona’s potential application translates to more opportunities. In branding and logos, it helps creating memorable visual identities as it has clean and modern look. For headlines and posters, its bold weights hit hard, it commands attention and puts across a message that is heard. Whereas, in web design, Kiona’s outstanding legibility helps people read comfortably once they visit the site. Moreover, it is suitable for print work as it enriches the magazines, brochures, and other printed forms of media.

Kiona Font Free Download

What’s Included

  • Kiona Light
  • Kiona Light Itallic
  • Kiona Regular
  • Kiona SemiBold
  • Kiona SemiBold Itallic
  • Kiona Bold
  • Kiona Bold Itallic
  • Kiona Itallic

Kiona is another beautiful and unpretentious font that is suitable for various types of publications and is a successful representative of sans-serif genre. Despite being relatively new, its clear typeface, minimalistic design, and support for a vast number of languages are definitely on the plus side. From a branding project to a website or a print design, Kiona will add touch to your work and ensure that the end product stands out.

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