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Axiforma Font

Axiforma is a geometric sans serif font family with a strong emphasis on legibility and contemporary design crafted with great care for detail. Developed by Monotype Imaging, it incorporates the concepts of geometric shapes into a typeface with modern design. This font family contains 20 weights with corresponding italics, allowing designers to work with it on numerous projects.


Axiforma gives the appearance of a modern serif font that has a playful nature and great reusability across many projects. It has one of the largest sets of 100+ alternate characters and ligatures and all of them are easily accessible through the PUA encoding. This variety helps to open the greatest possibilities, which means that you can easily create various and interesting typographic designs.

Usage of Axiforma Font

However, the most significant advantage of this font is that it is visually striking and can be used effectively in advertising and marketing campaigns, for instance, in headlines, slogans, and calls to action. No matter if you are working on the development of a new brand, a website, or a marketing strategy, Axiforma’s flexibility guarantees that it will help to enhance your project and give it a professional and up-to-date design.

Similar Fonts to Axiforma

Some other comparable geometric sans serifs you may wish to consider are Futura, Avant Garde, Century Gothic, ITC Avant Garde Gothic and Gotham. These fonts are closely related to Axiforma in design, but each has its own set of characteristics and features.

Axiforma Font Free Download


What’s Included

  • Axiforma Thin
  • Axiforma Thin Italic
  • Axiforma Light
  • Axiforma Light Italic
  • Axiforma Regular
  • Axiforma Italic
  • Axiforma Semi Bold
  • Axiforma Semi Bold Italic
  • Axiforma Bold
  • Axiforma Bold Italic
  • Axiforma Extra Bold
  • Axiforma Extra Bold Italic
  • Axiforma Book
  • Axiforma Book Italic
  • Axiforma Heavy
  • Axiforma Heavy Italic
  • Axiforma Black
  • Axiforma Black Italic


What is Axiforma Font?

Axiforma is a geometric sans serif typeface designed at Monotype Imaging Ltd. It is a company that has shown immense contribution in developing typography. It features sans-serif fonts with straight edges and bold text, perfect for any project that requires a more contemporary look.

What makes Axiforma unique?

Axiforma is an example of a geometric sans serif typeface since its letterforms include basic shapes and straight lines. It also includes 20 weights with their italics, stylistic sets for additional personality, and OpenType features such as ligatures and fractions. Also, Axiforma offers Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek extended character sets, which is helpful for international projects.

Where can I use Axiforma Font?

Axiforma is suitable for numerous applications due to its flexibility. It is an ideal choice to use in logos and emblems, publications (magazines, newspapers, online), websites and apps, and advertisements and promotional materials. Its simplicity and sleek design makes it perfect for any design project.

Are there any free alternatives to Axiforma?

Although Axiforma is a paid font, there are other free geometric sans-serif fonts which share the same design characteristics. The popular fonts that are commonly used are Raleway, Roboto, Montserrat and Lato. It may not have the same extensive features offered by Axiforma but it can still offer a modern and clean design.

Can I use Axiforma for personal projects?

The specific terms of use for Axiforma will depend on the license that you acquire. However, most licenses allow personal use, so it is advisable to review the license agreement before using the font for commercial purposes.

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