TAN Meringue Font TAN Meringue Font


TAN MERINGUE is a friendly and classy display font with a personality that showcases its English-engraved curves and retro appeal. Be it posters, signage, or branding material, TAN MERINGUE is your true crème de la crème if you need your projects endowed with character and a charm of nostalgia. Use this charming typeface to elevate your work and help you garner your audience’s attention just like it did in old times.

The font looks pretty diverse and fits your different projects. Nowadays, whether you’re designing the packaging for a hip new product or need to transform a classical brand, this font adapts effortlessly to your creative vision. Our brand’s playful, child-like spirit provides immediate drive and cheerfulness to every utterance, making people feel like family and best friends come together in times of happiness.

However, we have moved beyond appearances: The font provides a simple yet powerful solution to a growing problem. With its clear lines and legible letterforms, this font remains readable in all replication instances—such as smartphones, printouts, and more. If you are concerned about a website, magazine layout, or social media graphics, you can bank on TAN MERINGUE to give you the most impressive graphics.

It became a unique mark of creativity and individuality in an unimaginable and nondescript world where typefaces can be pretty sterile. Embrace its retro vibe, activate your imagination, and see how your designs transform into masterpieces compared to what you had in mind. The range is full of ideas, and you will not get bored. Therefore, the trip is just the beginning.

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