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Price Check Font

Introducing the Price Check Font, a display typeface carefully designed to embody the imperfection inherent in hand-painted characters typical of mid to late 20th-century supermarket signage.

Price Check utilizes a heavy-handed sans-serif design featuring slightly flared edges for a somewhat brushy or sketchy effect. In actual sign painters’ style, Price Check masters the imperial effect through manual paper typographic techniques, carving imperfections that endow it with character and authenticity. Specifically, chosen characters, the “N,” for example, have an uneven baseline and cap heights, which produce a skipping rhythm as you type. On top of this, the characters have slightly arched vertical and horizontal strokes, which reflect the interaction of a brush with paper.

With three different font styles, Price Check lets you employ loud typography statements in your packaging and branding designs. Whether you want to bring in a retro feel or make your designs pop with bold impact, Price Check gives you that flexibility and genuine effect.

Price Check draws attention to nostalgia and supports contemporary design works like vintage items. Its hand-painted appeal lends a calmness and distinctive flavor to the brand packaging, advertising, and promotional methods, thus attracting viewers to it. Be it product tagging, signages, digital images, or their visual mechanics in general, Price Check allows us to boost our works and creates such a difference that buyers get dazzled by their design aesthetics.

What’s Included

This font package includes

3 different types of styles:

  • Regular
  • Extended
  • Condensed.

4 Vector Extras, commonly used shapes, and elements from hand-painted signs such as Starbursts and 3D frames.

3 Alternate characters and smaller, more stylized versions of the dollar, cent, and percent signs.

Furthermore, it offers Diacritics & Umlauts for multi-language support through glyphs shared in Latin script characters in English, French, Spanish, German, Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish.

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