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Palmore Font

Palmore is a font that is a throwback to the golden age of typography. It has the allure and grace of vintage design. The condensed presentation style, along with round letterforms, makes it a unique and distinctive typeface.

The robust condensed glyphs of Palmore are the essence of this font, giving it a compact and sturdy look. The large, rounded ‘O’ and ‘C’ letters soften the design that is very strong in any other aspect, thus, create a pleasing contrast, which can catch attention.

Palmore also has several alternate characters which strengthen the rhythm of this font. This rhythmic quality also makes Palmore a good candidate for headlines or titles, where it can dominate and make a strong assertion.

Palmore is a goldmine for lovers of classic and vintage letter designs. The retro aesthetic of the product sets a mood of nostalgia and its modern sensibilities allow it to be functional and fit into contemporary design contexts.

Palmore is characterized by its large glyph set. Palmore comes with more than 300 glyphs which includes alternative and multilingual characters providing lots of creative choices. Designers may play with different character combinations to make exclusive and individualized designs.

It is a trip down the memory lane, a tribute to the typography as an art, and an aide to crafting exquisite and unforgettable creations. If you are a professional designer or even an amateur type lover, Palmore welcomes you to discover its unusual features and, due to them, develop your own creative abilities.

What’s Included

  • Palmore
  • Palmore Light
  • Palmore Regular
  • Palmore Semi Bold
  • Palmore Bold

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