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Nexa Rust Font

Nexa Rust is a very functional and very flexible font with a rough and ready, almost artisanal look. It was developed by Fontfabric, a Bulgarian type foundry that provides a whole range of typefaces for design. This typeface family consists of slab, sans, script, and handmade fonts, each with a slightly different feel and personality.

Nexa Rust distinguishes itself from other variants due to its rough and grainy finish, which is perfect for giving any project a nostalgic look of an old factory. Its appearance is not glossy and smooth but has a texture that has some slight flaws and rough edges giving it a look that mimics the traditional letterpress. Nexa Rust, therefore, comes in handy for projects that need that added touch of reality and an aged look such as branding, packaging, signage and editorial design.


Nexa Rust is a relatively new font that is derived from Nexa and Nexa Slab typefaces by the typefoundry Fontfabric. The original Nexa fonts had a very modern design with linear and geometrical forms, and Nexa Rust is a whole new approach. Launched in 2013, the Nexa Rust was a response to the idea of introducing an element of roughness and ruggedness to the Nexa brand. This evolution led to a font system that is coherent with the other Nexa fonts but with a different taste.

The design of Nexa Rust was a precise process of custom distortion and aging of the letterforms. This approach gave the font a worn, vintage look as if it was an old sign or hand painted lettering. The end product is a typeface that has a sense of familiarity to it but at the same time, has something new and interesting to offer.


Nexa Rust has a certain ruggedness, uneven surface, and slight flaws. These features give it an organic look, making it perfect for designs that want to create a cozy and handmade vibe. The font family comprises different styles and weights within the sub-families like Nexa Rust Sans, Nexa Rust Slab, Nexa Rust Script, and Nexa Rust Handmade. This vast choice enables the designers to combine the elements within the same font family and thus create consistent yet different typographic concepts.

Another noteworthy aspect of Nexa Rust is the large selection of glyphs and decorations that are available in addition to the normal characters. These extras are the elements that are not essential for the design but can contribute to its uniqueness and expressiveness; these are the icons, symbols and other similar design elements. These are the features that distinguish Nexa Rust from the other fonts and offer a set of tools for the designers.


Nexa Rust’s versatility provides many uses. It has made its way into branding, packaging, editorial design, web design, and even the signs that you see around you. This design is capable of giving the feeling of the old world as well as the present world, which makes it suitable for use in many undertakings.

In the branding context, Nexa Rust can help design logos and visual identities that are honest and human-like. This gives it a three-dimensional feel that enhances branding elements to pop out.

In the context of packaging design, it is possible to make products more attractive and create the impression of good craftsmanship with the help of Nexa Rust. It is a suitable material for packaging projects and it can be incorporated into both traditional and contemporary designs.

In editorial design, you can use Nexa Rust for headlines, subheadings, and body text to add some warmth and edge to the content. In terms of its usability, it is highly legible with a broad spectrum of weights that makes it ideal for editorial design.

Similar Fonts to Nexa Rust

While Nexa Rust is unique in its own way, there are a few fonts that share some of its characteristics:

Brother 1816: This font has a similar design: it has a worn look, jagged edges, and an overall rustic feel.

Gist Rough: Another font that has a worn out look is Gist Rough which includes several weights and styles.

Portico Rough: Portico Rough has a vintage look and feels hand-drawn with uneven surfaces and textures.

Nexa Rust Font Free Download

Nexa Rust Font Free

Nexa Rust Font Download

Nexa Rust Font Free Download


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