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Stranger Things Font

Stranger Things Font, also known as ITC Benguiat, is a typeface that became quite popular thanks to the Netflix show. Designed by the type designer Ed Benguiat, it is a revival of the classic serif font Benguiat, which was first released in 1978.

Through its expressive forms and unique serif, ITC Benguiat evokes a kind of nostalgia in tune with Stranger Things’ 1980s setting. The font’s special letterforms, with exaggerated curves and varying stroke widths, also play an essential role in creating its retro feel, reminiscent of the classic horror and science fiction movie posters commonly used at that time.

The Stranger Things font is prominently used in the show logo, promotional materials, merchandise, and title sequences, among other things. Besides evoking the nostalgic mood of the show, it also acts as a visual indicator of pop culture in the 1980s, triggering viewers` memories right away.

Besides The Stranger Things, ITC Benguiat has become bulky, not only for the costume but also for its appeal and versatility. Designers often use the font in projects such as posters and album covers, branding, and adverts to evoke the same nostalgic and witty feelings that the font reflects.

The appearance of ITC Benguiat in Stranger Things demonstrates the ability of vintage fonts to create a mood and inspire imagination. The Stranger Things font, regardless of whether it is on the screen or applied in design, still wows its audience with its classic aesthetics and unique character, thus, creating a bridge between the past and the present.

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