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Recoleta Font

Recoleta is a fairly used serif contemporary font by Latinotype, released in 2014. One of the most beautiful advantages of Recoleta is its skimpy and fragile letters, many counters, and slightly tilted axis, which is helped by aristocracy and sophistication.

This serif, reminiscent of the early Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles of the 1900s, blends the vintage charm of the past with contemporary streamlined design. This yields a very acceptable and readable font that is adaptable for reading the subtext and headlines.


  • Slightly thin and gently curved serifs make the font graceful and decorative. The serifs are delicate and steady so that they can be read easily.
  • The font’s name reflects its stroke contrast richness. Thus, the thick lines form parts of letters combined with the thin lines, resulting in a refined look of serif didone fonts.
  • Instead of monotonous writing, open letters and counters to take effect at any size of your font.
  • It is rather tall, X-height, with descenders and ascenders of small size, which gives the opportunity of a few blank lines in a row.
  • Diverse gradations, such as Extra-Light, Light, Regular, Medium, and Black, can expand the design’s applicability. Similarly, other printed and digital formats of italic fonts are also available.

What’s Included

  • Recoleta Font Family Includes 12 Styles
  • OTF, TTF, WOFF, WOFF 2 File Formats

Recoleta is a charming, predictable font family suitable for high-end packages and style-related designs. Its softness and neo-classical gentleness break the stiff, formal impression expected of most buildings in their surroundings. The header style of a website wrap for packaging, invitations, magazines, or books can be written in a very readable and chatty form. Recoleta is a typeface that has a nostalgic character while still being progressive. It is historically famous; it may represent the 21st-century serif.

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