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Perandory Font

Perandory is a serif font designed by Kulture Type that is identified with intriguing contrasting contours. This font is based on vintage Albanian typography and lettering and combines classic charm with modern sensibility. Perandory, with the un’s conventional serif style and sharp turns, represents the meeting point between past and future.

It has a fascinating design, with the serif having a unique touch and characterized by some angles that remind of old aesthetics. Yet, it also has modern features that give it a feeling of today. The refer-to refers to a juxtaposition of old and new, presented in Perandory as a hybrid typeface that unites tradition and novelty.

Although derived from the past, Perandory keeps its people in today’s design world with its unique angle and adaptability. Available in different styles – from Regular to Condensed – it is versatile for any design.

Perandory is case-sensitive and only available in uppercase, which is not standard for some applications. Yet, strikingly ubiquitous and unique, it is a treasure for those who want to say something different but still with the spirit of vintage typography.

It can boast of its uniqueness and vintage past, but that does not equal being old-fashioned. The font also incorporates slightly modern features that make it appealing and always relevant in the world of design. It has the remarkable ability to shift seamlessly from a retro look to the latest editorial layouts.

What’s Included

  • Perandory Regular
  • Perandory Condensed
  • Perandory Semi Condensed

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