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Juana Font

Juana is a font that embodies self-discovery and continuous exploration. It is a more developed version of Jazmín while preserving its essence.

The extreme contrast between thick and thin strokes gives Juana a harmonic and stylish look. It comes in 8 weights with matching italics and includes an alternate version. The whole character set supports over 200 Latin-based languages. Juana is ideally suited for editorial design, branding, magazines, logos, headings and more.

Among Juana Font’s significant advantages is its versatility. It combines different design contexts, such as sophisticated editorial layouts and stylish corporate branding. But whether used for body text, headlines, or logos, Juana Font respects its original character and smoothly fits any project’s demands.

In addition, Juana Font includes many weights and styles, enabling designers to make their typography match the desired tone and style. From the classic simplicity of regular weight to the bold statement of the italicized typeface, Juana Font allows us to explore and experiment with various options.

What’s Included:

  • Juana Thin
  • Juana Thin It
  • Juana SemiBold
  • Juana SemiBold It
  • Juana Regular
  • Juana Regular It
  • Juana Medium
  • Juana Medium lt
  • Juana Light
  • Juana Light lt
  • Juana ExtraLight
  • Juana ExtraLight lt
  • Juana Bold
  • Juana Bold lt
  • Juana Black
  • Juana Black lt
  • Juana Alt Thin
  • Juana Alt SemiBold
  • Juana Alt Regular
  • Juana Alt Medium
  • Juana Alt Light
  • Juana Alt ExtraLight
  • Juana Alt Bold
  • Juana Alt Black

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