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Larken Font

Larken is an elegant and contemporary serif font. The Larken Incorporated style is inspired by nature, conveying softness and expressiveness. The concept combines functionality with aesthetics, resulting in a design that’s both visually appealing and highly practical for communication purposes.

Larken Essentials presents a style that adapts to four styles, which cater to all the languages (like Latin) that have their origin in Latin. Its natural beauty was further bolstered by the provision of modern utility and installation of stylish italics, which provided aesthetics, liveliness, and the ability to be used in modern applications.

This genre is reflected in the use of organic curves and repetition, which make this type of experience harmonious and complete. In larger typography sizes, the details of lettering shaping will stand out to the reader. Still, the design has remained simplistic enough to smooth the printing process, even for smaller types, facilitating the reader’s comfort regarding long-term reading.

The unpredictable variable weight in Lark’s character gives rise to an in-depth smeared contour, ascribed by the roundness of the body’s curves, swells, and slopes. The oses of pleats shown in subtler colors, without optical correction, suggest a soft and tender sense of the fabrics.

Besides, varied character sets beyond standard ASCII characters with some OpenType features like SVG-like alt elements, several stylistic alternates, and ligatures make it versatile for diverse typographic needs. The specific range here is a rock that is a salvage workhorse that gives a new life to different tasks, from minor to big.

What’s Included:

  • Larken Variable
  • Larken Variable Italic
  • Larken Thin
  • Larken Thin Italic
  • Larken Regular
  • Larken Medium
  • Larken Medium Italic
  • Larken Light
  • Larken Light Italic
  • Larken Italic
  • Larken Extra Bold
  • Larken Extra Bold Italic
  • Larken Bold
  • Larken Bold Italic
  • Larken Black
  • Larken Black Italic

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