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Helvetica Now Font

Helvetica has undergone a meticulous redesign in this comprehensive new release. While staying true to its Swiss roots of clarity, simplicity, and neutrality, this edition refines the iconic typeface for today’s design and branding landscapes. The Helvetica Now collection boasts 96 fonts, categorized into three distinct optical sizes: Micro, Text, and Display, each available in two widths. Every variant is meticulously crafted to excel in its intended size range.

The expansive Display variants emphasize Helvetica’s nuances, optimized for impactful headlines. Meanwhile, the Text sizes prioritize legibility with bolder strokes and thoughtfully spaced characters. Addressing historical challenges, the Micro versions tackle Helvetica’s previous limitations in extremely small sizes. By simplifying and amplifying its features and introducing generous spacing, Helvetica Now ensures impeccable legibility even at minuscule scales and in low-resolution scenarios.

Additionally, the collection offers a rich array of alternates, empowering designers to customize Helvetica’s aesthetic. Noteworthy adaptations include a distinctive lowercase ‘l’ to distinguish it from the uppercase ‘I’, a rounded ‘G’, a more linear ‘R’, a singular-story ‘a’, and a ‘u’ devoid of its typical serif tail. Such modifications were once manually adjusted by designers to achieve unique display compositions with Helvetica.

Charles Nix, Monotype’s Type Director, praises Helvetica, stating, “Helvetica sets the benchmark. Utilizing it implies that your brand epitomizes excellence and aspiration. Its inherent simplicity is its strength.”

Included in the Package:

  • Helvetica Now Text
  • Helvetica Now Micro
  • Helvetica Now Display

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