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Integral CF

Integral CF is a contemporary geometric sans-serif letterface designed by Connary Fagen. Its main feature is Integral CF design from 2017 with its streamlined lines, perfect proportions, and geometrical shapes. It is a spokesman for the prominent Integral group while Theorem Family includes Integral CF, Integral A, and Integral S as well.

Introducing CF Integral (CF Integral) is the essence of the geometric sans-serif typefaces fashionable in the early 20th century, such as the ones by the Bauhaus movement. Nevertheless, it brings the genre into the modern world, which gives it the versatility to be used in various contemporary design applications for print and web.

The unique feature of Integral CF is that it addresses each letterform to the smallest detail. The centerlines are precise and carefully crafted geometric shapes to achieve visual harmony and resolutions at different weights and sizes. Integral CF, therefore, is the ideal typeface to serve across many different design applications including branding, advertising, editorial design, and web typography.

Font family covers various weights and styles – from light to extra bold – as well as italics that match the main font styles. Designers benefit from the fact that they can create both dynamic and static layouts. Their advantage is to design cohesive and engaging visual identities. To widen the scope, Integral CF provides a broad range of language support, thus making it open to the entire world.

The clean and modern character of the Integral CF, along with its multi-purpose features and versatility, makes it the preferred choice of many typographers and graphic designers worldwide. We can use the Integral CF for headlines, text body, or graphic components, but still, it will look like visual sophistication and modernity. The unit consist of form and function, which makes it a strong member of typographic you may have in your inventory.


The font is free to use for personal work. However, in order to get your hands on its extended family, you need to purchase a license first, after which you can use this font anywhere you want

Integral CF Font Family

  1. Integral CF Regular
  2. Integral CF Regular Oblique
  3. Integral CF Medium
  4. Integral CF Medium Oblique
  5. Integral CF Bold
  6. Integral CF Bold Oblique
  7. Integral CF Demibold
  8. Integral CF Extra Bold
  9. Integral CF Extra Bold Oblique
  10. Integral CF Heavy
  11. Integral CF Heavy Oblique

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Integral CF Font Free Download

Integral CF

Integral CF

Integral CF

Integral CF

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What makes Integral CF font stand out among other fonts?

Integral CF is a typeface that integrates the geometric simplicity of early 20th-century fonts and modern design elements. Its uniform letter-forms, wide range of weights and styles, and multilingual capability make it a suitable option for designers in need of a futuristic and functional typeface.

2. Is Integral CF Free Font?

Integral CF font can be utilized freely for personal projects. However, for commercial use, a valid license must be obtained prior to usage.

3. What’s the Closest Font to Integral CF?

There are many alternatives to this font. A few of them include Proxima Nova, Avenir Font, Museo Sans, Greycliff CF, Montserrat, and a few others.

4. Does the Integral CF font support different languages?

Yes, Integral CF has widespread language coverage, which allows it to be understood by a global audience. It extends the set of characters and diacritics for many languages, enabling designers to create content in multiple languages effortlessly.

5. Who Created Integral CF Font?

Integral CF is a typeface created by Connary Fagen, a famous type designer, who is recognized for his ability in designing modern sans-serif typefaces with timeless elegance.

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