Hansplatz Grotesk Font Family Hansplatz Grotesk Font Family

Hansplatz Grotesk Font Family

Hansplatz Grotesk is a sans serif type family of nine weight. Influenced by Akzidens Grotesk, Hansplatz typeface bring a new approach to this utilitarian style of grotesk. With more square proportions rather than geometric style, Hansplatz grotesk aimed to ease typesetting job when arranging a words or paragraph easily.

A wide range of weight gives flexibility to every design project, hansplatz fit nicely to grid-system because of proportions. Furthermore Hansplatz Grotesk supplied with smart Opentype scripting to assist typesetter and designer very easily to Hansplatz feature. Hansplatz Grotesk truly a utilitarian, workhorse, neutral, and of course faceless.

But, it makes the work done quickly. For display use, Hansplatz Grotesk Black to Semi-Bold is recommended, for paragraph heavy design, use regular and light weight. To spice up, adding Hairline or extra-light weight will make a design execution looks great and catchy but not intimidating.

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