F37 Blanka Family F37 Blanka Family

F37 Blanka Family

Blanka is F37’s take on a clean, classic Swiss sans. Perfect for body copy, it’s economical, functional and very legible at small sizes. It’s the holy grail — an everyday workhorse sans font that’s a little different, but doesn’t distract when used as body copy. We designed Blanka as an approachable grotesque with nuanced humanist inclinations. It takes its cue mainly from the classic pair of Helvetica and Futura. But the slightly angled terminals are a tribute to Neuzeit Grotesk. Blanka comes in a wide range of weights, from delicately light to imposingly heavy. We’ve painstakingly manually hinted the letterforms to make sure they’re really crisp and clear on screens of all shapes and sizes, regardless of pixel density or render. We like it so much, we’ve used it for our own website.

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