TT Fors Font Family TT Fors Font Family

TT Fors Font Family

Introducing TT Fors, a contemporary geometric sans serif font that seamlessly blends varying widths, inspired by fundamental geometric shapes like circles, squares, and triangles. As a valuable addition to TypeType’s functional sans serif collection, which includes acclaimed fonts such as TT Norms Pro, TT Commons, TT Hoves, and TT Interphases, TT Fors draws inspiration from iconic geometric grotesques of the early to mid-20th century, including Futura, Neuzeit Grotesk, Twentieth Century, Avantgarde Gothic, and more.

Crafted through a meticulous study of the visual impact of geometric grotesques during that era, TT Fors aims to be a versatile and functional typeface. Its design encapsulates the essence of the early to mid-20th-century visual environment while seamlessly integrating into contemporary media, from branding and packaging design to interfaces and applications.

Versatility defines TT Fors, signifying a typeface suitable for a myriad of applications. The font family boasts rounded characters resembling perfect circles, alongside narrower proportions in other characters. Incorporating relatively tall lowercase characters enhances functionality. Thanks to precise geometric shapes and consistent construction principles, TT Fors excels in both large headlines and small text sizes, making it ideal for diverse applications such as book printing and web design.

The TT Fors family comprises 34 fonts, including 9 weights and 9 italic styles in the text subfamily, 6 weights and 6 italic styles in the display subfamily, as well as 2 outline styles and 2 variable fonts for each subfamily. TT Fors offers stylistic alternatives, ligatures, small caps (text family only), numbers in circles, arrows, alternative round full stops, punctuation marks (text family only), slashed zero, and other practical features. For a comprehensive understanding of OpenType features, refer to the font specimen.

Additionally, TT Fors introduces the display subfamily, TT Fors Display, designed as a stylish companion to the text fonts. This subfamily is characterized by high contrast in horizontal or vertical strokes, adding vibrancy while maintaining a sophisticated and serious demeanor.

Noteworthy is TT Fors’s provision of two variable fonts, one for each subfamily, supporting two axes of variability—thickness and slant. It’s important to acknowledge that not all programs currently support variable technologies; check compatibility details at Mac users aiming to leverage the variable font with two axes should have MacOS 10.14 or a higher version. Elevate your design with the dynamic and versatile TT Fors font family.

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