Cooper BT Font Cooper BT Font

Cooper BT Font

Cooper BT is a sans-serif font with Art Deco style that has been around for over a century. Designed in 1921 by Oswald Cooper, released by Bitstream foundry the Optima font. This font is rounded sans-serif in nature, and as such it has a friendly and welcoming look.


The Cooper BT Font, a typeface designed by Oswald Bruce Cooper in the 1920s, was basically an embodiment of Art Deco style. Considering the geometric shapes and ornamental details of the period, the typeface was an experiment in uniting modern concepts of perfection with the ancient craftsmans art.

The letterforms of this typeface testify to Cooper’s professionalism and precision. Its uniqueness, rounded outlines, and ornamented specifics make this typeface completely different from the dull sans-serif and serif fonts of that time.


With bold and firm letterforms, the Font denotes confidence and liveliness. This typeface’s attributes, such as its increased x-height, oversized serifs, and oversized terminals, make it sharp and attention-grabbing in texts.

Cooper BT Font is also versatile. Featuring a number of weights and designs, from light and italic to bold and condensed, It allow designers to create amazing typographic ensembles that can be employed in any instance. It is for headlines to signage, all of which will have lots of character and verve.

Usage of Cooper BT Font

Both print and digital media have used it in many design situations for many years. That bold and distinctive letter forms help the message come through with force and that is the reason this typeface is among the most favorite for headlines, posters, and advertisement materials, because it is highly noticeable.

Regarding branding and corporate identity, this font is a perfect way to add character and part of uniqueness to the logos, package design, promotional materials. Among its nostalgic charm while still looking contemporary, it is ideal for brands that seek to portray heritage and legacy.

The adaptability of this typeface also reverberates in digital interfaces, where its legibility and dynamic letterforms enhances user experience and engagement. The text set in Cooper BT Font becomes friendlier and more attractive, so it is the forefront of a competition from websites and mobile apps to social media graphics and digital publications.

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