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Bogue Font

Bogue is a robust serif font family, which comes in eight weights plus italics. The soft shapes and round corners define its friendly and open personality, hence, it is perfect for the designs that need to communicate warmth and friendliness. A touch of retro feeling in its design gives a rather subtle charm and depth, which is the perfect mixture of the old and the new.

Bogue is not just pretty; it is functional. A million of stylistic alternates come as a part of the package and give a designer the freedom to modify his typography and make a new design. It enables you to put your personality into your work so that your designs look unique.

One of the most significant advantages of Bogue is its versatility. Its applications range from logos and branding to editorial design, web design, and package design. Its friendly nature and soft serifs make it an ideal option for a creation of powerful logos and memorable branding. Because of its clean and legible structure that ensures high readability, it is a perfect font for web design and package design.


The varied use of Bogue transcends its application in text settings too. No matter if you are creating short, strong snippets and titles or longer text such as lead paragraphs and body texts, Bogue does really great. Its gentle serifs and curved forms are ideal for brief texts, where the focus is on effect and legibility. At the same time, it’s clean and readable structure prevents it from turning into a challenge in longer passages.

To sum up, if you need a soft serif font with friendly, warm character and a hint of retro charm, Bogue is your typeface. Its all-encompassing weights, stylistic alternates, and broad versatility lead it to be a must-have for designers looking for a complete typeface. Bogue is more than a font; it’s a typeface that can easily adapt to your design requirements and help you create whatever you otherwise imagine.

Bogue Font Free Download

What’s Included

  • Bogue Thin
  • Bogue Thin Italic
  • Bogue Light
  • Bogue Light Italic
  • Bogue Medium
  • Bogue Medium Italic
  • Bogue Regular
  • Bogue Italic
  • Bogue Semibold
  • Bogue Semibold Italic
  • Bogue Bold
  • Bogue Bold Italic
  • Bogue Black
  • Bogue Black Italic

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