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Velour Font

Velour is an elegant and modern serif font by Silktype. The design elements of Velour are well articulated to give the impression of luxury and style. Runalto font is suitable for various design projects, including magazines, social media posts, branding projects, logos, and so on.

Features of Velour Font Family

It has thin serifs with brackets at the ends and looks very elegant and traditional. Its most notable features include the arched elements on the ‘A’ and ‘H’ letters that give it a unique look, as well as the long, elegant feet of the ‘K’ and ‘R’. Using an alternative ‘k’ that inserts automatically maintains the consistency and smoothness of the text. These features, on their own, make it look and feel very romantic and stylish, and they can definitely improve the look of any project.

Velour has a nice set of both typical and classic numerals which will fit any project you may have. The typeface also has two styles of ampersands and has simpler letter structures, thus making it versatile and artistic in use.

The Velour font is available in six different weights, namely Thin, Extralight, Light, Regular, Semi-bold, and Bold, thus making it possible to get the right weight for the design project at hand. This range offers an added level of adaptability to the typeface and allows it to work well in a variety of situations and settings, from the more delicate, lighter weights to the stronger, bolder ones. On the same note, Velour offers support for Western, Central, and South Eastern European languages to enhance the application’s compatibility with numerous international projects.


Velour is a very classy font for high-end designs. For branding, editorial design or advertising, Velour’s properties and multiple weights and styles will bring elegance and create rich and soft visuals that will convey a luxurious message.

What’s Included

  • Velour Thin
  • Velour Light
  • Velour Regular
  • Velour Medium
  • Velour Semi Bold
  • Velour Bold

Velour Font Free Download

Font Velour

Velour Font Free Download

Velour Font Free

Velour Font Download

Velour Font Family

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