TT Cometus Font TT Cometus Font

TT Cometus Font

TT Cometus is a captivating typeface that immediately draws you in upon encountering its text. Despite its substantial presence, the font exudes adaptability and dynamism, akin to a comet slicing through space with the sole purpose of seizing the viewer’s attention.

As a slab serif, TT Cometus features robust serifs that elegantly intersect with the vertical strokes, infusing the typeface with a contemporary and dynamic character. This design choice not only evokes calligraphic aesthetics in certain aspects but also maintains stability in display elements through its substantial serifs.

The dynamic nature of TT Cometus is emphasized by pointed endings in letters such as c, y, e, t, along with distinctive arches and semi-ovals. Although the contrast between horizontal and vertical elements is subtle, it becomes pronounced in serifs, inflows, and letter endings. The font achieves a harmonious balance, and its amiability is accentuated by the smoothness of its shapes.

Designed to engage the viewer, TT Cometus seamlessly combines flow with a commanding presence, making it ideal for attention-grabbing projects. This display font truly shines in larger sizes, finding its place in printed materials or web applications. TT Cometus excels in headlines and logos, making it a fitting choice for branding purposes.

Featuring 5 faces, including 4 upright variants and one variable font, TT Cometus boasts a comprehensive set of 568 glyphs in each face. The font encompasses 18 OpenType features, showcasing an abundance of ligatures and alternative characters for the ampersand and the letter g, adding versatility to its usage.

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