Sevastian Font Sevastian Font

Sevastian Font

S E V A S T I A N – Seven Layered Fonts

Imagine that before the digital world wasn’t exist, Artist or SignPainter made so many beautiful artwork with limited tools. expressing their era, their style and their tradition. Especially on the Typography, they are made their artwork more life by adding shadow for look a like 3D object for their 2D artwork. Inspired by that, I’ve made a type system with using layer on this Digital Era.

Sevastian Typefaces are coming for help the artist who want to create 3D lettering without special effects. Also you can use with different color, different style, and different combinations using 7 layer I’ve made. Font Naming are important for you to generate where at the top and where at bottom. Sevastian made it so easy because there is a number before the name like Sevastian – 01 inner until Sevastian – 07 3D Shadow. It means, the lowest number are must on top of them. As you can see on the display image I’ve been made, I use random combinations. So you can experiment what do you like most.

Multiple Language Available, Check this Character Set :

What’s You Get :

  • Sevastian Font Files (.ttf) files
  • Sevastian – 01 – Inner
  • Sevastian – 02 – Hatch (Optional for Inner)
  • Sevastian – 03 – Inside
  • Sevastian – 04 – Base
  • Sevastian – 05 – Dark Extrude
  • Sevastian – 06 – Extrude
  • Sevastian – 07 – 3D Shadow
  • All Display Images
  • Sevastian Character Set PDF

If you have any question, just leave on the comment or message. Thank You

Sevastian Font View

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