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RM Mono Font Family

RM Mono is the monospaced version of RM Neue. Each character in RM Mono fits in a box of the same width (600 units). While developing RM Mono, we also took the time to update RM Neue with a few new glyphs, tighter tracking, better kerning, and an overall facelift.

This monospaced version closely follows the original design of RM Neue and its utilitarian roots. There is an alternate single-storey ‘a’, and ‘f’ with a bottom serif as well as a new alternate ‘R’. There are arrows, fractions, superior and inferior numerals, as well as multiple geometric symbols to choose from. With the punctuation in RM Mono being a little bit oversized and the Regular weight being a little bit heavier than a usual grotesque, we believe that it could even perform well if used as a coding font.

RM Mono is available in 5 weights, ranging from Light to Black, matching the weights of its sister family, RM Neue. The extensive language support (Latin Extended A) allows type setting in most European languages written with the Latin script.

As always with CoType fonts, the focus was to create a type family that functions well for graphic design purposes, like posters, logos, and booklets. RM Mono will pair very well with RM Neue to create a unique house style for any business – as we have often seen Aeonik and Aeonik Mono being used side by side to create more interesting typographies hierarchies.

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