Rigby Font Family Rigby Font Family

Rigby Font Family

A refreshingly uncomplicated, unique sans-serif? Let us introduce you to Rigby. While other typefaces outdo each other in terms of number of styles, weights, widths, axes, and interesting features, Rigby by Pieter van Rosmalen will impress you only by the latter. It is a small family consisting of four styles only – two weights plus corresponding italics (obliques). A classic type family set-up sometimes referred to RIBBI: Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic. This makes using Rigby fantastically easy.

Rigby started as a retail version of a custom typeface developed for NTR, a Dutch public broadcaster specializing in information, education and culture. The expressive logo by Studio Turner was to be accompanied by a performant but also warm and fitting typeface. While our NTR-fonts were sharp and rounded at the same time, van Rosmalen settled for all-sharp/angular terminals for Rigby but still keeping personable letterforms like the unique lowercase g and e. If these have too strong a taste of their own for your use-case, you can easily switch to the stylistic alternates with a toned-down, “normal” g, e with straight bar, and single-storey a. (You can also access these alternatives individually via stylistic sets.)

Apart from the stylistic alternatives, Rigby comes with a rich set of contextual alternates for better looks of certain letter combinations. Plenty of accented characters cover 40 Latin-based languages. Use it where your standard text-editor font is too boring but a 80-style family would be too overwhelming.

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