Peace & Love Font Peace & Love Font

Peace & Love Font

The Peace & Love Font manifests as a groovy style that captures the quintessence of an era about seeking peace and love. In its joyful curves and lively stroked lines, this font is just the same as the tie-dye shirts, flower power, and the sounds of psychedelic music leap across the page.

Every letter possesses a surreal aura of fluidity, like it is dancing to its beat out of this world. The simple shapes and friendly serifs give an erosion of playfulness and freedom, which reminds us of the times when individuality and self-expression were highly appreciated.

Employing Peace & Love Font allows us to return to the time of peace marches, love-ins, and counterculture movements. It makes us think of the times when we profoundly believed that love had the power to turn the world upside down.


  • Peace and Love – Regular (OTF & TTF Format)
  • Peace and Love – Outline (OTF & TTF Format)

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