Pais Font Family Pais Font Family

Pais Font Family

“País” is a contemporary and modern grotesque sans serif, inspired by the grotesques of the early 20th century, but more geometric and with a wider x-height than its referents; making it ideal for the current times. “País” comes in 2 versions, each with 9 weights, from thin to black, and matching italics, for a total of 36 fonts. The standard sans serif version is fresh, clean, and more ideally neutral. It’s a perfect choice for editorial design, branding, headlines, or any other piece of graphic design. The “País Alt” version has more expressive and modern characters, with some giving it a much more playful image. It is ideal for logos, packaging, web and television use. País contains a total of 682 characters that make it possible to write in more than 200 Latin languages ​​and basic Cyrillic.

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