Outlook Font Duo Outlook Font Duo

Outlook Font Duo

Outlook Font Duo offers a perfect combination of elegance and versatility by seamlessly blending serif and script font styles. This font duo provides a harmonious balance between a sophisticated and traditional serif typeface and a stylish and handcrafted script font, resulting in a visually captivating and dynamic typography experience.

The serif font of Outlook Font Duo exudes a sense of refinement and classic appeal. Its letterforms are meticulously crafted with clean lines, precise curves, and balanced proportions, also includes many ligatures (CC,CO,EA,GG,GO,KA,LA,NN,OC,OG,OO,RA,TT) and dligatures (CC,CH,CI,CO,LL,LI,OC,OF,OH,OI,OO,OU) which lso you can see in the preview.

Complementing the serif font, the script font of Outlook Font Duo adds a touch of creativity and informality. The script font features hand-drawn letterforms with rough strokes.This script font also includes ligatures, lowercase swsh which lso you can see in the preview.

The versatility of Outlook Font Duo lies in its ability to be used together or separately, offering flexibility in creating various design compositions. Outlook Font Duo is suitable for a wide range of design projects, including branding, logos, packaging, invitations, and editorial designs.

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